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The entire life cycle of this termite begins with a mating flight, wherein swarming winged reproductive males and females depart established colonies and procreate. After fertilization, winged termites land and shed their wings, going on to form new colonies. These insects then become the king or queen termites of the newly established colonies.

Eggs hatch into larvae and molt (shed their exoskeletons) to develop into workers, soldiers, chief reproductives and secondary reproductives. A nymph is a young termite that's going through molts to be a reproductive.

The termite growth procedure begins with a process called molting. First, a termite develops a soft exoskeleton under its current, hard exoskeleton. Then, once the termite has attained maturity, its outermost skeleton splits open, and the new exoskeleton enlarges and hardens. This molting process continues through a parasite life cycle dependent on the colonys needs. .

Over the course of many molts, these larvae develop to assume a part in one of those 3 termite colony castes: workers, soldiers and reproductive termites, also known as alates.



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In Pest Control Adelaide we make sure your loved ones are safe. Our regional experience, technical experience and know how means we can offer non toxic pest control treatments aimed at getting rid of pest problems and being environmentally friendly at the same time. Allstate Pest Control Adelaide will ensure the well-being of your family, children and pets. .

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We perform thorough pest inspections across Adelaide and nicely locate the origin of any infestation and take care of the problem quickly.

Having a bug infestation is a really common occurrence in Adelaide. The main thing would be to act fast, before the problem escalates. Our treatments may require you to leave for a few hours to allow for proper saturation of the pest treatments. Also please be sure your pets have been taken away from your house while the treatment is underway.



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